Once you buy your domain name, you need somewhere to put the files. That’s called web hosting. It’s where your files for your website live. You can’t host your website on your home IP – you need a dedicated plan from a hosting company. The issue is that there are thousands (if not tens of thousands) of established web hosting companies out there. And they all offer different things. So why should you choose us over them?

Packages that cater to what you need…

…and nothing more.

Getting a dedicated server with 5 terabytes of storage (that’s 5,000 gigabytes) is completely useless if you’re only using 3 gigabytes to hold your files. However, other web hosting companies will still try to sell you these packages without listening to what you need, because they don’t take the personal approach that we do. Our personal approach is this: find out what you need based on your website and your traffic, then get you a plan that accommodates that.

Fast, reliable, and secure

Storage is just one aspect of a web hosting plan – the speed of your website, the reliability of your website, and the security of your website are the other three big ones. As far as speed, our servers are brand new. We upgrade them periodically to ensure that we are never using outdated hardware. For you, this means the fastest possible load times, which in turn means higher visitor retention and more love from Google. (Yes, Google ranks websites based on how quickly they load.) As far as reliability, we are bulletproof. We have multiple security checks in place to ensure that problems with individual accounts never seep out to affect the entire network, and our uptime is well above 99.9%. As far as security, we’re on top of things. Going with just any web hosting company that doesn’t configure its servers correctly leaves your website at risk to malicious exploiters. That’s not a problem with us.

At a price you can afford.

You know what the problem with these big web hosting companies is? They have to advertise. And when they advertise, they need to make that advertising money back. Guess how they do that? By increasing the price for you. Web hosting is in our arsenal, but it’s not our bread and butter. We don’t advertise it, so we’re able to get you the lowest price. Any plan from us will be considerably cheaper per month than it would be from someone else.

Let’s get you up and running

We know that you’re probably not too thrilled with the technical side of things – that’s okay. We’ll do everything. All you need to do is give us the go-ahead. Get in touch today. Let’s work together to get your website functioning at its best, night or day, 24/7/365.