A website is an interesting thing. It’s just lines of code. And yet those lines of code can make or break your business – for every company that’s exceled in the digital age, there’s been one that has fallen behind and become obsolete. It’s no longer okay to just “have a website”. If your website looks like it came out of the 1990s, then people will be judging your business as behind-the-times and not interested in looking good for its customers. That’s not an image that you want to have.

A sleek website can help you

Websites have the power to turn someone off of your business, or they have the power to turn someone onto the idea of calling you or buying from you. People make buying decisions based on a slew of emotions, and how they feel towards your website can make an enormous difference. With web development from us, you have the ability to take customers from your competitors simply by looking better than they do. In fact, to an outsider, all companies in your industry probably all look pretty much the same. With a sleek website, you can put yourself above the others in terms of presentation. Often, that’s all you need for a potential customer to call and buy from you over someone else.

Not too much, not too little

Your industry will affect what your website should look like. Should an ad agency and a plumbing company have similar websites? No, they shouldn’t. The ad agency needs to dazzle the visitor, and more importantly showcase its achievements in a different way from every other ad agency out there. A plumber’s website, on the other hand, is more utilitarian – all you really need to do is tell the visitor the services that you offer and give them a way to contact you. (A plumber using the same design as an ad agency would be ridiculous!) We’re here to help you upgrade your web presence to be both appropriate and enticing. Appropriate so that your website looks like what someone in your industry should have. Enticing so that you look better than your competitors.

Increase traffic, sales, and calls

A good website isn’t just something to feel good about – it’s a real part to your marketing strategy. Bounce rate is the percentage of users who arrive at your website and then leave within five seconds for one reason or another. Our web development will reduce your bounce rate because the design will catch their eye. And our development focuses on usability as well as flashiness. You’ll get all of the benefits of having a sleek website, and you’ll also get the perfect user interface so that visitors can do what you want them to – place an order, give you a call, etc. You want every visitor that lands on your website to contact you or give you money in some way – our websites make them do just that. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll give you a detailed outline on how we can help you develop your website. With us, it’s never a “customer” relationship – we consider you our partner, and we’ll work with you as such. Let’s talk – contact us today.