No matter how obscure your industry is, there are people searching for it. Google gets 3.5 billion searches per day. That’s 40,000 per second. If you’re not at the top of the results page, you’re losing out on free promotion and new customers.

We’ll get you to the top

Every industry can benefit from supplemental search engine traffic. Unlike traditional advertising, you don’t get visitors on a per-click or per-impression basis. Rather, if you can get to the top of Google for a certain keyword and stay there, you’ll cash in on every single person searching for that particular keyword without paying a dime. Getting to the top can be difficult, though. Search engine optimization is a very specialized field because of how much can go wrong. If you don’t do everything correctly, you might waste money on trying to rank and get nowhere. Or even worse, you might do something that Google dislikes and get sandboxed – this means that your website doesn’t show in Google for any term… not even your company name.

We’re safe and consistent

The problem with many people who do SEO is that yes, they can get a site to the top of the rankings temporarily, but it always inevitably drops after a couple of months. Then, you’re stuck looking for another search engine optimization company, which costs you additional time and money all while making you lose out on the business that you’d get by ranking for your desired keywords. We operate a little bit differently. Our methods to rank you are safe, and Google actually encourages what we do. For your actual website, we’ll format it in a way where Google can easily see what it’s about. This is called on-page optimization. It might not seem like a big deal, but remember, Google is just a robot – if you don’t have everything set up perfectly, it will get confused and as a result of that not rank you for anything. You might rank for your desired keywords with our on-page optimization changes alone, but if you don’t, then we get busy ranking you with backlinks – basically, other people linking to your website. This is called off-page optimization. Other companies will buy spammy backlinks from fake websites, where you might rank for a month or two, but then you’ll plummet once Google picks up that the backlinks aren’t legitimate. We on the other hand only build safe, legitimate, high quality backlinks from real, reputable websites – once you’re at the top, you just have to sit back and relax. Google trusts you. Not only will your website be safe, but we’ll do constant maintenance on your site to make sure it stays there and you continue to get the flood of traffic from the keyword. Everything is included. You run your business, we’ll send people to it through SEO.

Want to rank in Google? Get in touch.

We take a 1-on-1 approach with all of our clients. If you know the keywords that you want to rank for already, then let us know and we can accommodate them. If you know that you want traffic from search engines, but you’re not exactly sure where to start, we’re here to plan a strategy with you.

We always work within your budget and our results are guaranteed.Contact us today and let’s get started.