Webinars offer a lot of benefits, not only for your customers, but for you as well. They're flexible, convenient, memorable, and most of all, the target market usually loves them. Let's take a look at what a well-planned webinar can offer you and your customers.

The number 1 benefit of a webinar is that you can host and attend to it anywhere given you have the stable internet connection. It can really help you grow your business. Here are 12 tips how you can make it work.

  1. Prepare your tools

    You’d need:

    • working and tested microphone
    • High speed internet connection
    • Free or paid webinar hosting
    • Good and clear lighting source

  2. Create your own checklist

    Hosting your webinar doesn’t mean simply logging online and talking to a bunch of people. You actually need to prepare for it. Create a list of your planned topics, activities and answers to any questions that they may be raised during the webinar.

  3. Offer free or paid marketing materials to make hosting easier.

    Give your attendees a list as their guide all throughout the session. This is also very useful for you to manage your time. You may also assign time for any questions you get later on.

  4. Plan your webinar wisely.

    Discuss only topics you are an expert on. You don’t want to undermine your credibility by being caught unaware.

  5. Use a script.

    The course itself is already a guide and having a script can lead you to the right path. Remember, it’s going to be all audio/video so body language may not be available. Use your script to convey the proper amount of authority to instill confidence without alienating your audience.

  6. Practice, practice, practice.

    Your goal is to engage your attendees and use them as a ‘possible lead generation’. These are all pre-webinar tactics, designed to ensure that on the day of the event, your attendance quota is full and a buzz is already generating.

  7. Give away useful information.

    Great webinars starts with giving away great information and content. It used to be the accepted strategy to show the 'what to do' but not the 'how to do it'. In other words, give away only enough information to whet people’s appetites into attending. And then make it worth their while by discussing things that actually has value to them.

  8. Actually be the topic expert.

    You need to convince people that whatever it was that you have decided to discuss, you are the person to teach its intricacies. Treat it like you’re the coach or teacher. But before you can do that, make sure that you actually are the expert. Learn everything you can about your niche and never stop up skilling yourself.

  9. Be the webinar guru.

    By the time you get to the teaching arena, you should be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of webinar creation - structure, scheduling, features your webinar hosting service provides, limits and parameters, your attendees' needs, wants, likes and dislikes. Put it all together and provide a teaching or coaching program that brings in steady, recurring income.

  10. Value feedback.

    Ask for feedbacks. Right after the webinar, you can give them form that can be filled out easily to get info on how you did during the session.

  11. Interact with your attendees.

    Your attendees may leave right after the session so it’s important for you to inform them of what will happen after.

  12. Get into the right mindset.

    If you're nervous about teaching, think of it more as 'sharing'. Allow yourself to become excited about helping your attendees.

Webinars can help you generate leads, expand your client base, establish your credibility and ultimately, make more money. But only if done right.

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