Let me tell you something. I love forums. I like reading about people’s opinions on stuff. I like checking the boards and the threads to see if people are of the same view. But I only like it when I do it on my spare time.

When I do it for business purposes, it can get tiring pretty quickly. I get especially frustrated when (1) no one’s talking about my brand or (2) they are talking about my brand but not in the way that I want.

Unfortunately, I would also be the first to admit that using forums can be very much beneficial to your business. It helps you stay visible in the eyes of potential leads. It helps generate more traffic volume. So whatever I may think about it, I’d also be the first to tell you forums will help your business.

And if you have more patience than me, then you can use the following to get on the right track.

  1. Link It Up

    Your competition will not mind if you happen to mention their latest blog post in the forum. As long as it provides value, most forums won’t mind you linking to someone’s site, although some won’t allow any external links. This will apply the “If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours” attitude which runs rampant in the blogosphere.

  2. Use all the stuff you have

    If you have an old post on your blog answering their question, you can always dig into your archives and find the URL. This way you still give people the answer they need and it helps you get the word out about your blog. Make sure to read through it and check if no links are broken and that the information is still relevant. You wouldn’t want to send people to an old post that is very much outdated and with a broken link, right?

  3. Backlog a Post

    Sometimes, when you don’t have a post you can go over and make one then backdate the post to be posted earlier than when it is actually posted. Sneaky but effective.

  4. Get your signature in

    Get your signature with your link included added in the forum. This is very beneficial in a way that people get to see it every time you post or make a comment on something in the forum. This generates possible traffic volume.

  5. Facebook page and ads

    If you use Facebook a lot, think of how much precious time you are wasting!! Want to grow your business, then stop talking shit and posting pictures of your breakfast on social media sites. Use this social media to boost your business. Setup your on page and create ads.

  6. Get noticed and Guest Post!

    Guest posting is a great way to gain new visitors and to build your reputation. If you want to guest post on a niche related blog, you better write some really good article! Once you have written something of high quality then you have to go and pitch yourself and hope that somebody likes your article and are willing to post it on their blog.

  7. Tumblr and Reddit

    Social media isn’t just Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr and Reddit are 2 great methods to build traffic and increase the popularity of your site. People more often that once use these 2 sites regularly. So make sure that you create an account on this sites and be visible.

  8. Google alerts

    Set up Google alerts for certain keywords that are related to some of the posts that you published. You will receive an email each day that contained links to sites and blogs that had mentioned the keywords you are targeting. Check out those sites or blogs and leave a comment and a link back to your blog. Using this method will not get you a whole load of traffic, but it is a good way of monitoring what people are saying about you and your site.

Forums can increase your site traffic volume exponentially. It’s a lot of work, but it does pay off in the end.


  • Doris Dolly, 13.09.2014, 10:45:

    Wow. Nice work. Keep it going.

  • Mark Evans, 15.11.2014, 10:45:

    The quality of your work is awesome. Keep it up guys.

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