Social media has now become a part of our everyday life. It has become a significant part of our civilization. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a few other social media networks has helped us become more aware of the world we are living in and have provided us with a whole new world where we are free to voice out our opinions and ideas and share it with our friends and peers.

Social media has become an important source of news. But anyone who has seen Facebook wall posts about this and that shampoo supposedly causing flesh-eating diseases or a tweet about so-and-so celebrity being dead knows that the credibility of some sources can clearly be contested. That’s not to minimize the impact of social media in providing us with means to communicate effortlessly, regularly and often intimately with other people regardless of cities or continents apart creating an opportunity to experience different types of cultures, though.

One would think that with the social media becoming a huge part of our lives, it would greatly take over how we search and discover content online.

Let’s go ahead and take a look on how social media has directly impacted online search.

  1. Social Shares -Links are like streets between pages. With the use of sophisticated link analysis, search engines can discover how pages are related to each other and in what ways. Links aren't everything but through it, search engines can not only analyze the popularity of a website & page but also metrics like trust, spam, and authority. Social shares however is the new form of link building. Social shares aren’t the same as links. But it definitely affects rankings.

  2. Personalized Search Results –Use any of the popular search engines and you’d likely get a wide range of results. Use Google and those results will most likely include those within your circle. That’s because Google uses Google+ activity and reviews to personalize and filter search results when you are signed in to your Google account.

  3. Author Tag - The launch of Google+ gave Google the chance to become social network integrated, building more credibility for your content appearing in search engines, getting higher recognition and trust with your audience and content creators. This will ensures that your content will be correctly associated to you being the original author thereby avoiding duplicate content issues in search engines.

  4. Speed Up Content Indexing – The more shares your content gets, the faster it is for Googlebot to find it and get it indexed. The speed at which it can get indexed is affected by different factors such as number of people tweeting the content, influence of the people who tweeted it and the time frame which this content was shared. The more social attraction you gain the quicker your content will be indexed.

  5. Social Connections and Followers – Quality connections, followers, and friends on social media matter a lot in your rankings. These help determine if content are from reputable sources when they shared the content and not just an account with spam followers.

  6. Relevant Keywords –Keywords used factor into where content ranks in search engines considering as to where the content are being posted and the profile of each social account. Make sure that your social media profiles are completely filled out. Aside from that, continuing to use the keywords in the content your publishing will boost your visibility and attract traffic.

  7. Brand Signal –Your content, company name or product being mentioned in other blog or website, even without a hyperlink can also contribute to ranking factors. Social media has the ability to increase awareness of a brand thereby spurring conversation and mentions.

  8. Traffic Volume and Site Engagement –When your videos, event listings or blog writings are continuously shared on social media it generates a good volume of traffic which provides metrics for the search engine to measure and use it to form search results and ranking.

  9. Local Searches - If your business has a physical location it is very important that you update regularly your information as the majority of local searches are regularly done through the use of smartphones while on the go. Be constantly active and check where users regularly check for your business or services.

  10. Increased Ranking of Domain – The more content that is shared about your website or business across the social media network, the more ranking you will receive across the major search engines. The continuous volume of traffic and credibility increases long term success of your business.

Social media affects online searches. Now you know why and how.


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