There are people who we seen as opinion leaders and influencers. They have a vast knowledge of things, got expertise, experience and notoriety. Their thoughts, insights and opinions are highly respected and valued by a large framework of followers, friends, fans and readers.

You, of course, would like to be one of them if you have any hopes at all of being at the forefront of your business niche. And I have a few tips to help you get there.

  1. Do your homework. -If you’re targeting key influencers, it’s crucial to know as much about them as possible, their personal and professional backgrounds, online activities interests, likes, dislikes, etc.

  2. Read their blog posts, tweets, etc. -It may take some time but reading an influencer’s content will provide valuable insight and guidance into their specific areas of interest.

  3. Retweet and share their content. -If you are trying to court your influencers, what better way to show them that you are tuned into what they are saying than ‘retweeting’ their tweets to your audiences. Each time you re-tweet, the originator of the tweet receives a notification to let them know. That way, you are drawing attention to the fact that you are interested in what they have to say.

  4. Compliment them on their content. We all like to be flattered and we all like to think that our content is purposeful and resonates. If one of the influencers you are trying to connect with shares something – reply and make a comment or retweet and add your own view.

  5. Follow Friday, also known as #FF -

  6. Focus -On Fridays there’s an etiquette on Twitter, whereby you share the @handles of all those that you think others in your audience should take a look at. It could be that you have particularly enjoyed their tweets that week or you just love what they say generally. Again, mentioning your influencers in this way means that they get notified that you are advocating them.

  7. Build relationships - Target a group of people who can offer the most bang for the buck rather than using a shot-gun strategy of going after everyone that could be interested in your product or service. The former lets you be focused; the latter can consume a lot of resources and time.

  8. @ them. - Rather than trying to cold-call a key influencer, it’s a good idea to build a relationship instead. This could start by leaving comments on their blog posts or replying to their tweets. If you start by having a conversation, it will make it easier to pitch them with some personal connection.

  9. Say thank you. - Really simple, but often forgotten if your tactics steer your influencer to follow you then be sure to go back to them to say a simple thank you for connecting. I’m not suggesting you should thank all the people that follow you as that could get a little sycophantic but if they are an important influencer that you have converted into a follower then be sure to start nurturing your relationship and start out in the right way.

  10. Craft the Perfect Pitch: After doing your homework and research and, hopefully, building a relationship, spend the time to create a pitch that is personal, relevant and interesting.

And finally, don’t just sit there! Get out there and just do what I said. Oh, and a re-share of this won’t be so bad, either, thanks!


  • Doris Dolly, 13.09.2014, 10:45:

    Wow. Nice work. Keep it going.

  • Mark Evans, 15.11.2014, 10:45:

    The quality of your work is awesome. Keep it up guys.

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