You say po-tay-toh, I say po-tah-toh, Google says whatever the hell it wants to say. That probably doesn’t mean anything to you but it’s the only way I can think of to lead to exact match domains and Google, haha. Still couldn’t find a connection? That’s okay, I’m stretching things so let’s just move on.

Exact match domains or EMD played a big role in the search engine optimization. And they don’t always match in search results. Here are 10 reasons why.

  1. Google is continuously changing.

    They are changing their algorithms and to still have a ranking in the search engine, you need to keep up with the changes. EMDs used to get bonus or boost but that was removed around October 2012.

  2. Google is getting vigilant.

    It’s not a way to penalize certain users or site. Google is just inflicting the quality of the websites that are associated with keyword rich domains.

  3. Over Optimization of your site.

    Remember that Google will not punish you for having an EMD but you will if your site is over optimized of a low-quality website.

  4. Google identified your site as a ‘spam’ therefore prohibiting your site as low-quality.

  5. Branded domain names are reaping high.

    Yes, true and it’s still coming! So why would is it advisable to get a branded or paid domain name? First, it doesn’t sound like a ‘spam’ domain name. It also gives shorter URL which gives your prospects a more vivid memory of your name.

  6. EMD is no longer Google’s priority.

    It may sound unreal but yes, EMD is no longer Google’s priority.

  7. An Authoritative domain name is Google’s favorite!

    A keyword domain is often categorized as ‘spam’ or not legitimate. We knew that Google will choose those paid domain since again, it’s just their preference.

  8. Google knew it a long time ago.

    The plan was in the works since 2003 but didn’t get approval until 2012. It wasn’t an overnight decision so temper your violent rages. It was studied and planned. This is also a way to close a lot of loopholes. Personally, I think there are still some left, though.

  9. Exact match domains are more difficult to remember.

    Just imagine that someone bumps into your website and decided to come back but accidentally closed the page, can they remember your website? This is why Google encourages us to use our brand name in our domain name because it is helpful for our own good. See, Google is not that bad!

  10. Exact match domains is on the failure.

    Studies show a decrease in the numbers of EMDs. According to Moz, “The increase in correlations between March and June says that the EMDs that are still present are ranking higher overall in the SERPs, even though they are less prevalent. Could this be Google removing lower quality EMDs?” Basically, even though high quality EMDs can still rank, Google is not giving them any preferential treatment.

So there you have it. Got anything to add? I’m all ears.


  • Doris Dolly, 13.09.2014, 10:45:

    Wow. Nice work. Keep it going.

  • Mark Evans, 15.11.2014, 10:45:

    The quality of your work is awesome. Keep it up guys.

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