Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a big part in different business industries worldwide. It's been proven for lead generation, turning prospects to successful deals. Because of the success of SEO, however, many business owners are going through extreme ways to drive people to their websites. Some of these tactics aren’t very legit, either.

You don’t have to stoop to that level, though. You can optimize the search experience without using shady techniques. And the easiest way to do that is by using 'Local SEO'.

Local SEO is a not easy but it gives users a personalized search experience.

How is it done? Answer the following questions and get the12 Ways on How to Do Local SEO.

  1. What is your business?

    This should be the first question, always. You need to be precise in what you are offering to the market. This is vital because you need to put your business in the right category.

  2. Who are your customers?

    Have you thought about who your potential customers are going to be? If not, then this is the right time for you sit down, gather your marketing plans and start thinking of who would be your target.

  3. Where will you be located?

    You need to make it easy for your prospects to land on your page and find you. Make sure you set up your name, address and phone number with area code. This should be available as HTML text on your website. This can found either in your header or footer.

  4. Do you have a local page?

    Offering your products and showing them to your prospects may be fun but don’t ever forget to provide them with your contact information like, name, address, phone number, store hours and the descriptions of your products as well as any promotion that you may have. You can sum this up by creating an “about us” page.

  5. Is your business verified as a local Google business/Google+?

    This is an easy step way. You just need to create a Google account and verify your business.

  6. Do you have duplicate listing?

    Avoid duplicate listings by utilizing Google Mapmaker. If you had previous employees that created old listings, make sure to get rid of those.

  7. Do you have reviews and testimonials? Can you get any if you don’t?

    Word of mouth works. It’s especially powerful in local settings. There will be customers that will take the time and effort to post reviews online. Make sure you also show the proper appreciation by highlighting those reviews and testimonials on your web page. As an added benefit, that’s free advertising, too.

  8. Are you in the right business category?

    Google+ lets business owners input the type of business or industry they have. You can create 2 categories, General and Specific. Make sure yours is listed correctly.

  9. Do you have local links?

    Use your local sources by becoming active in community activities and local events. You can also work on participating in any community sponsorships.

  10. Check and Verify.

    After you have created and built everything on your website, it’s time to do some spot checks. Try searching for your business and see if everything is listed right.

SEO is scary to a lot of people because they do not understand it. But it doesn’t really take a genius to make it work.


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