These days, if you need to find something, you go on the web and fire up a search engine. It doesn’t matter what it is (the nearest Starbucks, how to fix a tire, the recipe to your mom’s chicken pie, how to fire your boss, etc.). If you need answers, Google better provide it, dammit!

So yeah, consumers find pretty much whatever they are looking for by searching for specific keywords or keyword phrases and choosing the most relevant result. So of course you want your site to have as many opportunities to be included in those search results as possible. And as much as possible, be in the 1st page. In other words, you should try to use every keyword phrase that you think someone might search for in order to land on your site.

Most of the time, people search by typing in a keyword phrase instead of just a single word. Fifty-eight percent of search queries are three words or longer. So having keyword phrases on your site increases your chance of appearing higher on the page rank (because more keywords match the search query). The click-through rate (how many people click your listing to go to your site) also increases, due to more words matching the search query. Your conversion rate (how many visitors actually purchase something, sign up, or take whatever action is appropriate on your site) also increases because you’re more likely to have what the user is looking for.

Here are some tips on keyword phrases to make them land on your website:

  1. Use keyword phrases and not just single keyword. Remember that people nowadays are getting more tech savvy and you need to cope with the pace.
  2. Use everyday language on each keyword phrase. No jargon as much as possible, the moment that they feel confused, all they will do is to skip or delete.
  3. Use your keyword multiple times with sounding redundant.
  4. Avoid using general phases. You want to make sure that you use detailed descriptive words.
  5. The key to developing useful keyword phrases is to pair different terms together. The phrases “gourmet pizza,” “liverpool gourmet pizza,” or “organic pizza liverpool” not only describe what you sell, but are more likely to be used by someone with the specific goal of finding information about gourmet pizzerias in Liverpool.
  6. Check out your competition to see what keyword phrases pull up their sites. It is very unlikely your new site is going to immediately bump their rankings, so if certain terms are saturated with results, try some other terms or combinations. When doing a search, the vast majority of users select from the first ten results. If a site does not appear in the first twenty listings, it is very unlikely people will ever find it. If the search query is too broad (there are too few terms), the search engine will usually add more terms to the query.

You also need to pick the right SEO keywords by--

  1. Avoiding "Vanity" Keywords.
  2. Using Google's Wonder Wheel.
  3. The Value of Repetition- Make sure to inject your keyword phrases a couple of times.
  4. Guiding Your Content Strategy
  5. Using Additional Resources


  1. It is best to optimize for longer keyword phrases.
  2. Avoid too flowery keywords. Use proper, concise and good phrases for your keyword phrases.

How well you position your keywords could define how much traffic your site can generate from SERPs. So plan your keywords well.


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