Back in the day, phones are for calling, nothing more, nothing less. Then came the advent of SMS or text messaging and suddenly everyone’s chatting left and right when they could easily just call. But SMS is old news, too. These days, your phone isn’t worth anything if it can’t connect to the web. Mobile internet is in. And websites are getting on the business, finally!

That’s where responsive design comes in. Remember when data first became available in mobile platforms? Some of your favorite websites just didn’t look the same, probably because half the page didn’t fit the screen most of the time. And then they just all came out with “mobile” versions of everything and you had to add a little “m.” at the beginning of the URLs.

With responsive web design, those two things are no longer needed. Whatever the device may be, the web page just automatically adjusts to fit it. Unfortunately, not all online businesses have taken the initiative to do that. So here I made a list of why they need to because this site is amazing like that.

  1. Availability of Social Networking and Blogging in Mobile-In the last couple of years alone, mobile internet use has gone up so much that it’s poised to overtake computers. Because of this, social media heavily promotes mobile use. And if you aren’t leveraging on that, then you are missing on the chance to connect with your target market. The birth of social media has opened the doors to different forms of marketing that allows everyone to be reached wherever they may be.

  2. Faster loading made possible with responsive design.When it comes to the internet, faster is always better. Having a fast website is all about making the hard decisions and getting rid of what’s not at the core of your experience. Responsive websites generally load much faster than a desktop website on a mobile device. The longer your potential visitor has to wait to access your website, the higher the likelihood that they will look elsewhere. The importance of valuing time and data consumption is one of the primary focus thus, faster is always better.

  3. Being “Future-Ready” through responsive design.Adaptability to change as well as adjusting to the times is the keyword we are looking for. Month on month and on a yearly basis, mobile and softwares get updated, at one point anticipating the change is the secret to achieving a successful business. Responsive design is not only the missing component but it is missing puzzle to ensure that the business will grow in the ever changing times. It is looking ahead and ensuring that the business is future ready. It simply allows everyone to get a chance to see what one has in store as the business becomes handy and within reach regardless of the gadget on hand.

  4. Great Mobile Visibility is a factor for an increasing market and customer. Searching through the internet will provide you with different studies that will show that definitely more than 60% of the population will not stay in a site that does not have any mobile capability. This is pretty understandable, a normal site could look too small and or some of the items would not be expanded, when in fact other sites have already adapted to the times and has mobile capability. In an additional study, people stay a maximum of 10 seconds in order to know if the site is worth exploring or not and if there is no presence of responsive design, expect that 10 seconds to be put to waste.
    The bottom line: Without a mobile-friendly site you’ll be driving users to your competition.

  5. Reputation is always important and Mobile Capability is required to achieve a good one for the business.Websites which aren’t mobile friendly can annoy visitors and that’s bad for business. A recent Google survey of mobile users found that 72 percent of mobile users say it’s important to them that websites are mobile friendly.

  6. Searches on mobile converts to sales.Times have changed, people become too busy to go and shop or look for something physically. There is no need to considering the mobile age. The ability to search online and be able to find it converts to sales increase in most sites that has adapted to the mobile age. The ability for people to find what they are looking for fast and easy is one of the factors necessary and is good for your business provided you have responsive design and mobile capability.

  7. Mobile Sites comes up in search results first. User experience is one of the things that factor in Google’s raking of sites. Therefore, it favors mobile sites over static sites due to the improved user experience and faster loading times that mobile-friendly sites provide.

  8. Looking old school versus looking cool.Imagine introducing a Nintendo Gameboy to a child playing a PSP, they will not appreciate it nor will they understand. Antiques will always have a market, but being able to reach to all your target market is the goal of your business. It is your job to ensure that people will find you to be able to cater to their needs and this could not be done if you are not willing to take up the challenge and ensure that you can be found in that handy and portable little thing they will never let go of – their mobile.

  9. Responsive design will make put you on top of your game.Responsive web design is a must for your business in order to provide the best possible service for your customers and to stay ahead of the competition. It means the need for only one website and content management by adjusting accordingly to whichever device is accessing it – increasing user reach and usability. As mobile and tablet sales continue to surge the need for responsive web design is a must for now and for the future of any business.

Responsive web design is the future of mobile internet and it will affect the way you do business online whether you like it to or not. Why let yourself be left behind, when all the while you can have people looking up and following you. Look into changing your site layout to one that’s more responsive and boldly walk into the future.


  • Doris Dolly, 13.09.2014, 10:45:

    Wow. Nice work. Keep it going.

  • Mark Evans, 15.11.2014, 10:45:

    The quality of your work is awesome. Keep it up guys.

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