Every business has an acceptable budget and every dollar counts. It may be a budget for marketing purposes, like advertising and exposure. Whatever the method you try, you need to execute a plan first. Here are 13 methods to help you stretch your marketing budget:

  1. Use your ads more.

    We all know that ads are expensive. If this is the best method that you know to gain exposure, so be it. Just make sure that your ad is not only an ad. Make use of the space within the ad and inject more information about the product/service you are offering. If you have different departments within the company, you may want to start by doing an internal marketing exposure first.

  2. Stick with what works.

    If you have proven that your old ads and method work, then stick with them. You shouldn’t stop as long as your customers still buy your ideas. Make a graph of your conversion on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. If the conversion drops down rapidly, then that’s the time you need to plan on improving or changing your method.

  3. Quality over Quantity.

    The truth is, you can only do a really great job promoting a few pieces at a time or else your social media feeds will become clogged with feeds and you won’t be able to measure what you wanted out of all of your content marketing. Set limits to help you save money, but it’s also the smartest way to leverage the high-quality content you’re after.

  4. Create a Comfortable product literature.

    A common issue in the world of business and promoting one single product is not being able to have separate brochures for each item or category. The answer is creating comfortable product literature. This means producing a basic leaflet or flyer which is tailored to fit the consumer’s needs.

  5. Research cheap alternatives for lead generation.

    There are organic search engine that are free. Start exploring those engines.

  6. Use your own effort.

    We are all busy and we don’t have time to do this on top of all the other stuff we’re already doing. But utilize yourself, if possible, and hire an expert if needed.

  7. Take advantage of your existing content.

    Don’t be afraid to reuse text and images for other pieces for promotion.

  8. Go outside your comfort zone.

    So you’ve been marketing your products within your neighborhood maybe it’s time to move forward and expand.

  9. Healthy competition.

    There will always be a competitor. Practice healthy competition and don’t be afraid to be compared. Set your own standard and make yourself stand out.

  10. Over presentation.

    We all know that you need to be better than your competitor but avoid doing it too much.

  11. Keep yourself up to date.

    With all the new things coming up, you need to keep track of what’s happening within your industry. You may not need to do what they are doing but at least know how to adapt to the changes if needed.

  12. No Overpaying

    If you need to hire a freelancer, make sure that it fits the job and your budget.

  13. Don’t forget your goal.

    There might be a lot of things going on and you might get side tracked. Remember what your goal is. If your goal is to get more leads, check it frequently. Again, if the conversion is high stick with it, if it’s low, work on it.

Money don’t fall from trees, no matter how much we wish it does. And for those of use with finite resources, working smart is always the better alternative. The above tips will help further your goals in content marketing. And they will do that without leaving you broke.


  • Doris Dolly, 13.09.2014, 10:45:

    Wow. Nice work. Keep it going.

  • Mark Evans, 15.11.2014, 10:45:

    The quality of your work is awesome. Keep it up guys.

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